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J.D. & Dixie Laird

At FOUR FORKS FARM it's all about quality.  Today's herd is the result of a very selective breeding program.  We have avoided single trait selection and 'fads'.  We are proud to say we are one of the few small breeders that have owned 2 trait leader bulls.  Our Little John bull was ranked #7 as a yearling weight trait leader when we retired him.  We combined his breeding with RC, our weaning weight trait leader bull, that ranked as high as #12 in BBU's Sire Summary prior to retiring him.  

Our PACESETTER, FF Luci Dee is a daughter of our retired Yearling Weight Trait Leader bull, Little John, C824958. PACESETTER, FF Brenda Dee, is a great granddaughter of both our retired Weaning Weight Trait Leader bull, RC, C813132, and our Yearling Weight Trait Leader bull, Little John, C824958! FF Lady Dee is a Granddaughter of our retired weaning weight trait leader bull, RC. She is an own daughter of our retired polled herd sire, FF Renovator.

     Years of participation in BBU's voluntary classification program rewarded us with trait leader bulls and typesetter females.  We no longer classify our cattle but believe today's herd is far superior to the great bulls and females that have anchored our herd. Our 3 Pacesetter females also support and justify this belief.  

     The 6 essentials are a way of life and our aggressive culling program has sent some pretty good cattle to the local auction barns.  We are committed to improving our herd yearly.  We believe pedigree is important in registered cattle and balance pedigree with soundness, production and guaranteed customer satisfaction! Give us a call (254-729-2744), email us at, or come by and visit.  We are always happy to show off what we consider to be the best Beefmaster herd around!


- J. D. & Dixie Laird

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